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Welcome to Franklin Templeton Malaysia

Delivering better outcomes for institutional and sophisticated investors since 2009. We offer investment management expertise across a range of asset classes including global multi-assets, equities, fixed income, and shariah compliant solutions.

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Extensive global resources, specialized expertise and ability to deliver customised products aligned with Shariah principles.

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A range of quality strategies across styles, regions and cap sizes to fit many needs.

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Strategies from unconstrained macro to speciality sectors to fit client views.

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Both strategies and a team that can help address challenges across your portfolios.

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Our Highlights

Market Commentary

Malaysian Sukuk: A Superior Alternative to Traditional Bonds

Find out why Malaysian Sukuk continue to be the fixed income asset class of choice for investors in the country.

Market Commentary

Investing in Sukuk – The Future is Bright

The Sukuk market is changing and developing quickly. Instead of keeping conventional investors out of this rapidly expanding asset class, we see an opportunity.

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Watch Video: The Importance of Tracking ESG Improvement in Countries

ESG is a critical part of any investing in sovereign—particularly in emerging markets. Find out why it is essential.

Latest Insights

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Surveying the Investment World Through An ESG Lens

Plenty of variation about what exactly ESG investing entails.

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Midyear Outlook: Reining In Risk

Our senior CIOs discuss their global investment outlook and how they are looking to play defense in…

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The Pace of Innovation and Disruption Is Advancing—What Does This Mean for Inves...

Premium on companies that benefit from idiosyncratic drivers of growth.

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How Companies Address the Climate Challenge

Investing in companies that think about the success of their business over several decades.