A trusted partner for shariah investing

For many, investing is not only about preparing for a better future, but also staying true to personal values. We bring you our extensive global resources, specialized expertise and ability to deliver customized products to meet the needs of investors seeking strategies aligned with Shariah principles.

For clients who seek adherence to the investment principles of Islamic Law, Franklin Templeton Investments brings to bear its extensive global investing expertise in combination with the knowledge and advice of Shariah scholars to deliver customised Shariah-compliant portfolios across a range of asset classes including global and regional equities and Sukuk.


of Shariah-compliant investing

Rigorous investment process with a strong governance framework

Our Shariah-compliant portfolios invest in permissible businesses with compliant capital structures and attractive outlooks. Potential investments go through qualitative and quantitative screening prior to selection and the portfolios are independently reviewed and endorsed by a Supervisory Board of Islamic Scholars.

Access to a world of investment opportunities

The market for Islamic finance is growing rapidly and our Shariah-compliant strategies open the doors for investors to gain exposure to global investment opportunities in equities and Sukuk.


Combining both our Shariah-compliant equity and Sukuk portfolios in your investment strategy can help manage risks and provide stability as the performance does not always move in tandem.


Franklin Templeton, your trusted partner for Shariah-compliant investing


Exceptional Asset Management tailored for Shariah-compliant investors

We combine the breadth of our global asset management capabilities with the expertise of focused investment management teams. Each operates independently, staying true to its unique philosophy and approach. Bringing together this expertise with adherence to the financial principles of Islamic law, we offer our clients customized Shariah-compliant portfolios across a wide range of asset classes and strategies, including global, regional and local equities and fixed income.


Extensive resources for Shariah compliance

Our portfolios are independently reviewed and endorsed by the Amanie International Shariah Supervisory Board, highly regarded for their extensive Shariah and technical understanding. To help ensure compliance with Shariah guidelines, Franklin Templeton leverages best-in-class technology utilizing criteria established by our Shariah screening provider. Each of our portfolio teams employs a highly disciplined investment process designed to comprehensively measure and manage risk. In addition to investment team-specific risk management practices, they leverage analysis and insight from our worldwide network of locally-based risk management specialists.


The strength and resources of a global leader

Our over 600 investment professionals located across the globe include asset managers with expertise in Shariah compliant strategies in Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.

Recognised expertise:

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