Shariah Investment Capabilities

Shariah Investment Capabilities

Proven Capability in Managing Shariah Investments

We manage over US$2.2 billion1 in Shariah-compliant portfolios across a wide range of asset classes and strategies, including:

  • Global equity
  • Regional and local equities
  • Multi-Asset strategies
  • Global & Local Sukuk

Recent Awards

  • Awarded as the Most Outstanding Islamic Fund Manager 2017 by Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum (KLIFF)
  • Awarded as the Best Islamic Asset Manager of 2019 (Institutional) for 6 consecutive years by The Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Awards

Shariah Principles

World-Class Shariah Scholars & Screening Technology

Our portfolios are independently reviewed and endorsed by the Amanie International Shariah Supervisory Board, highly regarded for their extensive Shariah and technical understanding. The Amanie Scholars provide initial approval on investment objectives and strategy, as well as ongoing supervisory and monitoring services to ensure continuous adherence to internationally accepted Shariah principles and standards.

Our Shariah compliance practice goes beyond screening the breadth of global securities, but we also understand the importance of depth in scrutinizing each security to ensure all aspects of the business harmonize with Shariah principles. To that end, we leverage on the best-in-class technology to:

  • Screen over 40,000 global securities
  • Examine the business activities of each company
  • Evaluate selected financial ratios according to prescribed algorithms
  • Identify and cleanse non-compliant income in a manner consistent with Shariah law

Global Expertise

Global Investment Perspective

As the world's largest cross-border fund manager, we offer a truly unique global perspective, with:

  • 70 years of global investment experience
  • 600 investment professionals located across the globe including asset managers with expertise in Shariah compliant strategies in Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.
  • Franklin Templeton is one of only a small number of foreign asset managers to have stand-alone operations in Malaysia, world’s largest issuer of Sukuk1.

Global Risk Management

We employ a highly disciplined process designed to measure and manage risk worldwide—leveraging analysis and insights from a network of locally-based risk management specialists.

Our Approach

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