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Jonathan Curtis, Portfolio Manager of Franklin Technology Strategy, discusses why businesses need to embark on a journey of digital transformation to stay relevant, and the investment opportunities he sees.


Why Invest in Technology?

Widespread Adoption
of Technology

From process automation to big data, digitalisation shapes our world today. Techonology is fueling disruptive innovation, streamlining outdated processes, and creating new possiblities. Over the past few decades, the way we live has already been altered by new developments.

2020: What happens in an Internet minute1

One of the characteristics of modern life seems to be that we are moving at an ever-increasing rate. Multitasking is becoming the norm as the amount of information and data shared over the internet rises substantially, and it continues to grow.

Digital Economy Outpaces Traditional Industries in the U.S.

Digital transformation was underway in the pre-COVID environment and accelerated in an era of global social distancing. For the first time in history, we see an acceleration in e-commerce adoption despite GDP declining globally.

As technology-led behaviours continue to play an important role in our lives coming out of the pandemic, digital economy is deemed to be one of the strongest economic drivers.

The race to 50 million users (in years)3

For most innovations of our history, we can measure success by the level of users. Reaching 50 million users mark is a sure sign of triumph, however how long does it usually take to reach this number?

In today’s tech-fuelled and tech-led world, top products are reaching high levels of consumers in incredibly short amounts of time.

Tech Giants Shrug Off COVID-19 Crisis4

Over the next decade, we expect hundreds of billions of “edge devices” to be deployed, an explosion of data generation, and new approaches to computing to sustainably process and create value from all the data that’s available.

Valuation Remain Attractive and 
Tech Firms have Proven Profitable

The information technology (IT) sector topped all 10 other equity sectors by a wide margin in 2020.

We believe the overall IT sector is appropriately valued for the good growth and quality that it offers. In our view, the IT sector has many excellent established, cash- and earning-generating businesses.

Tech Valuations Elevated, But Not Excessive

Tech Firms have become very profitable

Capitalising on Technology
Sector’s Growth

Franklin Technology Strategy

  • Identifies high-quality technology companies worldwide

  • Capitalises on investment opportunities arising from digital transformation

  • Focuses on four leading growth themes artificial intelligence, cloud computing, services, Internet of Things, and e-commerce

more than



Since Launch

Strategy has a track record since 2000

Franklin US Opportunities Fund*

  • Invests highest-quality growth companies located in the US

  • A well-diversified, multi-cap, multi-industry portfolio

  • Leading growth fields in focus are technology and healthcare

more than



Since Launch

Target fund has a track record since 2000


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