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Welcome to Franklin Templeton Malaysia

Delivering better outcomes for institutional and sophisticated investors since 2009. We offer investment management expertise across a range of asset classes including global multi-assets, equities, fixed income, and shariah compliant solutions.

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Extensive global resources, specialized expertise and ability to deliver customised products aligned with Shariah principles.

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A range of quality strategies across styles, regions and cap sizes to fit many needs.

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Strategies from unconstrained macro to speciality sectors to fit client views.

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Both strategies and a team that can help address challenges across your portfolios.

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Our Highlights

Market Commentary

Investing in Digital Transformation

Technology is fueling disruptive innovation, streamlining outdated processes, and creating new possibilities. Find out how you can capture the exciting opportunities the digital revolution offers.

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A Solution for Every Investor: Franklin NextStep Funds

Multi-asset portfolios can help investors address complex risk management and market challenges. Learn more about these portfolios.

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Watch Video: Opportunities in US Equities

Grant Bowers, Portfolio Manager of Franklin US Opportunities Fund shares his preferred sectors within US equities.

Latest Insights

Market Perspective

Malaysia’s 2020 Budget: A Delicate Balancing Act

Malaysia’s newly unveiled 2020 budget displays a commitment to sustainable long-term growth, according to Sukumar Rajah and Hanifah Hashim.

Market Commentary

Surveying the Investment World Through An ESG Lens

Plenty of variation about what exactly ESG investing entails.

Market Commentary

On My Mind: The Fed Calls Time For A Reality Check

Unreasonable expectations? Sonal Desai, our Fixed Income CIO, believes Powell took a reasonable first step to rein in market expectations.

Market Commentary

Automation for the People: Fintech in the Real World

How are demographics and technological advances changing financial services?

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