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Extensive global resources, specialized expertise and ability to deliver customised products aligned with Shariah principles.

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A range of quality strategies across styles, regions and cap sizes to fit many needs.

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Strategies from unconstrained macro to speciality sectors to fit client views.

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Both strategies and a team that can help address challenges across your portfolios.

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Market Commentary

Invest in U.S. Equities

Capture the investment potential of US equities. Evolving from rescue to recovery, towards transformative growth, we identify best opportunities across sectors.

Market Commentary

A Second-half Surge, or Pause?

In this Macro Perspectives, as the world economy steers towards normalization, we highlight views from five of our specialist investment teams on inflation, interest rates and growth.

Market Commentary

US Housing: Boom or Bust or Somewhere in Between?

Following the pandemic, housing demand has been robust due to steady household formation and elevated homeownership levels.

Market Commentary

Investing in Digital Transformation

Technology is fueling disruptive innovation and creating new possibilities. Discover how you can future-proof your investment from the dynamic digital economy.

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